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Jul 23, 2009
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How do folk manage to get away with this description?


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They do until someone contacts their local trading standards and makes a formal complaint. The next stage is more complicated. If they are a company with deep pockets and access to Baristers then nothing will probably happen. If the entity behind this Honey is a small business person then they may well end up with an appointment with a legal professional / a new brand name and label.

That's the rhetorical answer as I suspect you know this already. 👍
Honey with other things in it makes it a compound food and takes it into another realm of labelling and regulations. If it is labelled as honey report it.

From the website:



Pure honey, Ginseng Extract (2%), Vitamin B Complex Booster (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7,B9, B12), Lemon Extract (1.2%)

Nutrition: (Typical values per 100g)

Typical values per 100g: Energy 1,392kJ / 328 Kcal, Carbohydrate 82g, of which is Sugar 78g, Vitamin B1 12mg, Vitamin B2 15mg, Vitamin B3 171mg, Vitamin B5 64mg, Vitamin B6 15mg, Vitamin B7 535µg, Vitamin B9 2mg, Vitamin B12 27µg, Fat, Fibre, Protein, Salt – All Negligible.

Vitamins & Botanicals:

Each serving (1 teaspoon) contains:

  • 93mg Ginseng Extract (equivalent to 279mg Ginseng)
  • Vitamin B1 1.65mg
  • Vitamin B2 2.1mg
  • Vitamin B3 12 mg
  • Vitamin B5 2.1 mg
  • Vitamin B6 9mg
  • Vitamin B7 75µg
  • Vitamin B9 300µg
  • Vitamin B12 3.75µg
Yes I think that makes sense , its a compound food. That list of ingredients needs to be on the jar. After that its marketing gimmickry.
Just read the website, usual bo****ks about saving the bees but I can’t see where the honey in the lemon and ginger honey comes from, if it’s not honey but a compound food do they need to say?
They do say they get their honey from many beekeepers around the world so it’s probably from china! 😁
It’s quite cheap for a product like this, £19.99/3 which they say is only £6.33/jar. (I do wish people would proof read their web sites!)