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We didn't talk to them!

Might pass the odd bunch of Bananas?

I did my share of covering duties in Aldershot and had the pleasure of assisting in training with the royal marines police who came to our depot to do their police duities training.
Between the 2 I'd take the marines any day. Fair enough it's only the worst of the paras we ended up dealing with, but they just don't seem to know how to turn it off in peace time.
To quote HRH on the subject " they should be placed in a glass cage marked "break incase of war" . The marines on the other hand knew how to have a laugh that didn't end in a fight, yet could handle a fight with any
Probably not a fair comparison Martin as like I said it was the best of the marines and the worst of the para's I had dealings with.
As regards charities doing this work the one I ve had exposure to Headway seemed very capable and professional. I'm not sure the state would do a better job. The medical equivalent of the RNLI.
He was a proper soldier before that. Didn't talk about what he did during the war much. The weird thing was he was a very gentle person. I never heard him raise his voice or swear.

Similar thing with my grandfather;

Royal Warwicks were packed into a farmyard outside of Dunkirk & machine-gunned by the Germans he only avoided death by hiding under his dead mates!
Then spent the rest of the war in prison camps (between escapes) We still have his letters + a letter he kept asking the Alies to join in the fight on the Eastern Front.
Bugger me, it sounds to me like some people can't do right - John gives up his time, free, to provide the beekeepers courses to H4H and helps people like me, introducing new people to the hobby/past-time (what ever you want to call it), surely that should be applauded without getting digs in all the time.
I have tried every military charity in the country and have met with a stonewall . H4H, Combat Stress, SSAFA etc, even a local one called once we were soldiers. No takers.
I'm glad someone finally got something like the beefree project in Wales running here in England.
I have given up now. I filled out the questionnaire from John but being so far away from Portsmouth I couldn't attend.
There is a new treatment centre being set up near Melton I believe maybe I will ask them but on the whole I have found the responses from most sadly lacking.

Well done and thanks for what you've done for us.
I would like to thank Noddy for his very kind comments and also support his comments about John Perry from Portsmouth BKA, Ivor Davis and also the BBKA Head Office for their support in making this course (and future courses) possible.

It is so nice to see some positive comments on this forum and I just have to ignore the negativity from one particularly sour and unpleasant individual who is frankly not worth oxygen.

Noddy you are a top bloke and it was truly an honour to run the course for you and the other 11 beneficiaries.You have served your country well and deserve the support you get. I know full well how awful PTSD is and the daily battles that we all have to cope with and so you have my respect.

To those that kindly offered to be mentors I have already contacted a few who are positioned int he correct regions and I still have all of your details and will be in touch to ask for your support when the time comes.

To was a shame you could not make the course and my understanding is that the setup in Wales is excellent and I am genuinely glad you are getting some support. If I can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to ask. Best wishes to you

Again thank you to you all and please try to rise above and ignore the morons!!!

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