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Equipment Wanted Hain or Sjolis heather Loosener Wanted

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Feb 17, 2021
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East Mids
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Looking for a Hain or Sjolis type heather loosener. PM me if you happen to have one kicking about!
I have always wondered how the heather honey loosener works. Not so much the agitation which converts the gel like honey into a more fluid for, allowing extractionn- thixotropic. More the claim that cells are not destroyed - some move the comb along a slight amount on each stroke. It must depend on where the pins are in relation to the walls and how is this guaranteed or is there in fact subsequent collateral damage to the cells which the bees sort out when frames are returned. Any comments on this.
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From what I have seen the cells are damaged but the bees sort it out in no time. A lot lest destructive than cutting out or or scraping back to mid rib which is the alternative.

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