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Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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I have scanned this in from the Sun news paper gardening section. I think it is a very good quick reference guide for all the main veg you might want to plant

I wasgoing to have a go at aubergines this year and planted the seeds over a month ago in seived home made compost. Trouble is that this tends to have tomato seeds in it, so I have been pulling them out of this and the other seed pots.

Embarrassingly, I was refelcting on what augergine seedlings would look like and why none have grown and realised that aubergines are in the same family as tomatoes, so I have probably been pulling up the aubergine seedlings and throwing them away.:blush5:
Nuts, sounds useful but I refuse to touch that "newspaper".

Finally sorted out the "issues" with the allotment and am now the proud owner of an apiary with soily stuff for growing green tasty things in for when the bees don't want to play.

Now I just need to figure out what to try and grow this year. having just perused the horseradish thread I'm reconsidering that as an option. :)
Looks like the attachemnt has got lost in the forum hack

I will upload again, and speak to admin about other attchements