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No but useful when you buy it for it to say it is not the correct size for 2.5mg sort of just assumed it was. Thought the designer had worked through that. on a bigger pipe they could have just cut the height down to the right size.
OMG ...There's no hope is there ? John is a one man band .. still making the things in his back garden shed as far as I know ... it's only £43 for goodness sake... drop him a line and suggest that he includes the quantity of OA the measuring spoon contains in his new website (currently under construction). He's a very approachable chap and will probably appreciate your feedback.
To be fair, I don't think some instructions included in your purchase is much to ask for, my friend made the same assumption of one scoop per dose. He wasn't very impressed and said he had no idea how well it worked until I explained about the scoop, his next vape was a different matter.
When I vape I use a plastic spoon to dish out oxalic acid. WHen it is full and level with the spoon sides, it holds 3g.


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