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Apr 16, 2009
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where to you buy your frames? the best deals online?

For smith you are seriously limited and I would suggest with respect that a quick Google would answer your q

If you were to ask about Langstroth then it would be a fascinating question involving 40 foot containers and so on.

Since Steele and Brodie went, well... as I say a bit limited.

And oh dear did Mike get it wrong.

normal BS frames are good enough for my use.. got one national now as well.
I only ever use Thornes seconds, they seem ok to me, and my bees never complain. :)

i always use firsts in the brood boxs because they are exspected to last so long, and i prefere firsts upstairs aswell because of the greif they get being spun, i do buy seconds but only when they are for other people to use or i want a pile quick
where Thornes have second frames on website? Only can see one selection. And what is "cut comb"?
If you need to ask what is cut comb you need to do some reading.

well, that was the least expected answer from this forum.. Unfortunately or fortunately English is not my native language and i do still meet expressions and words which meanings i need to ask. May I ask how many other languages to you speak PH? I speak three.
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Can i ask how many other languages to you speak PH? .

You might mean 'may' you ask. We don't doubt your ability. (only 'pulling your leg' :) )

PH speaks Purple Esperanto in moments of stress. :)

And what is "cut comb"?

I'll answer then since nobody else seems to want to :)

Cut Comb is where you sell a chunk of honey still in the comb - hence it's just cut out. Various suppliers sell special kit to produce this. I'm sure you know exactly what it is though - just a different phrase

I arguably speak three languages though what the point of that question is beats me.

Do not buy fancy kit for cutting cut combs. A cold sharp knife is all that is needed and a piece of plywood made to the shape of the cut comb container and varnished.

The cutters sold by the vendors are a nightmare to use.


(Queens English, Doric and Broad Scots before you ask.)
Thank you. I indeed had my idea what may it be, but i believe it is always worth asking if not sure. Question raised when i bought some foundation from paynes and i saw "cut comb wax". for sale.Thanks again,

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Thank you. I indeed had my idea what may it be, but i believe it is always worth asking if not sure. Thanks again,


My long departed grandad always used to say "if in doubt lad ask, tha might look a prat but, but if ya dont ask ya will make ya self look a bigger prat pretending to know, cos someone will catch ya out"
They sell extra thin cut comb wax foundation so that when you eat your honey comb, you get less wax to eat.

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