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Aug 31, 2010
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Barnoldswick, lancashire
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I would just like to thank all the forum members feedback, as always its much appreciated.

Ive just scraped back a couple of frames to sift the honey out and im left with the wax residue. I was what the best thing to do with this:

Wash it out and get the wax


Give it to my chickens


Try and make a little mead though theres only about one pound of scrappings, and dont know if thats enough.

Again i really look forward to your replies

Why not let the bees clean it for you? I damaged a frame and put it under the lid for them to clean - and they did a lovely time though I'll remember to put a tray under the entrance to catch the bits they threw out!!
Six weeks ago I had reason to carefully cut out two squares of young brood/eggs, each about 4cm x 3cm. Within around a week, the squares had been perfectly reparired. The surrounding brood had been capped by this time and it looked like a chequer board.

Incidentally, the frames that received these comb grafts merged the comb almost seamlessly, so the repairs are both timely and effective. Leave it to the little engineers in the box to sort out for you.

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