Uniting Hopelessly queenless with a weaker colony

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Apr 1, 2023
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I have a hopelessly queenless hive with laying workers, and has been for over a month now. There was a queen at one point but I probably lost it in a swarm. I left them to see if they would sort themselves out but they showed no inclination to raise a new queen. Ive tried adding a frame of eggs and young larvae from a stronger colony but they didnt do anything to it. I dont want to take another frame from my strongest hive as its very aggressive and Im trying to requeen it. My question is can I unite it (the queenless one) with another colony? Would that need the newspaper trick? Would that potentially become a double brood? Or do I shake the bees off in front of the hive and hope for the best? Theyre doomed anyway come winter.

This is my first year of bee keeping and probably took on too many hives but Ive already left a hive to requeen itself, caught her and marked her with squishing her. Have an aggressive hive that I cant live with any more and I have decided to requeen it, another first. This hopeless queenless one and another one that within a week has become infested with wax moth. Not learning curve more a vertical line but on a positive side I have some absolutely delicious OSR honey.

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