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Apr 20, 2010
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Ballyronan (Northern Ireland)
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I have just had the real pleasure of doing the first inspection on my first hive since i moved them from the nuc into the national brood box last wednesday. I didnt look for the queen last week as i was just trying to move them as quick as possalbe to reduce stress. (New box, new surroundings)
They have drawn out 2 sides of foundation (the sides facing the 5 frames that came in the nuc) One side is full of pollen and nectar and the other is full of eggs. They have lots of sealed brood but not alot of larva, why could this be the case?? the other frames have quite a bit sealed stores and the rest is full of eggs. I didnt get to see the queen but i dont really mind because i know that she's there and doing a good job. I gave them a feed of 1/1 syrup when i hived them and its all gone. So now i'll just watch them and inspect once a week.

Is there anything that i should be watchin out for (other than the usual QC etc)???

sounds like it's all going smoothly, it's great inspecting your first colony, innit? now is a good time to be thinking of getting some spare equipment ( brood, floor, roof, etc) in case you need to artificial swarm.
That is such a great feeling...the first time.
Well done for settling your girls in comfortably and making sure that they are well fed.
I think that you are pretty under control, I guess for the next period you should be able to spend time watching them and seeing how they go about their lives.
I would also keep an eye on my varroa count too as the summer progresses to ensure that they are all OK. Do you have a slide out tray and Open Mesh Floor (OMF)?

What a great feeling.

Sounds as if there had been a short brood stop hence the lack of inbetweens...

Turn your foundation so the eggs are out and the blank face is in and they will work on that, and move the whole colony on.


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