First go at queen marking!

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Jan 17, 2009
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I did my hive inspection today and managed to spot HM in the cast I was given in May so I thought I`d have a go at marking her. I got the cage over her and marked her with one of those pens but the workers kept cleaning her off.
I gave up after three goes and though she is marked, it`s a bit dull.
So how do you keep the workers off her while waiting for the paint to dry ?
I suspect that a queen cage is used to keep her isolated within the hive while the paint dries. This is probably not compatible with the use of a crown of thorns cage to imobilise HM while you do the deed, but fits in well with other methods where she is made temporarily captive, such as manually holding her.

This thread about clipping/marking should explain it .

Incidentally, least we begin a debate about Queen clipping, the difference is between a lost swarm + Queen or a lost Queen in the event of a swarm. I'm firmly convinced that both marking and clipping are for me. I have yet to do either for real, but ordered the paint today and will select a suitable pair of scissors for the task ahead.
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I purchased a pair of fishing line scissors from Fleabay,you can then cut a wing with one hand,cost about £5 delivered.

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