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Aug 6, 2019
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Just got a plot on a new allotment close by for keeping a couple of hives on. What do people use and/or recommend for ’fencing’?
Thanks @Swarm and @blackcloud . Scaffold netting looks great and inexpensive. I'm now looking at posts. Would you go for something like Fence Post Spikes and 75x75mm wooden posts or are there better options out there?
Just got a plot on a new allotment close by for keeping a couple of hives on. What do people use and/or recommend for ’fencing’?
Heras panels and scaffold netting, with tarps covering the side adjacent to another plot holder. We use one heras panel as a gate with bike locks top and bottom.
Fence Post Spikes and 75x75m
Better to use 100mm square posts and concrete them in.

Hole about 300 dia x 600 deep, treat the post section below and just above ground level with bitumen (they rot first at ground level).

Staple the screen between boards or wind will rip it. You can buy UV resistant hort. screen which will last far longer than scaff screen (mine has been up 12 years without trouble).
I use heras panels and foot blocks plus scaffolding netting with cable ties. Secondhand panels/feet are much cheaper (ebay), but I had to shop around to find someone local who would deliver at a reasonable cost. Trellis panels/fence posts plus netting also works-but allotment regs may not allow you to use concrete or bitumen. The advantage with heras is that it is easily moved. When I had the opportunity I changed plots to get a more secluded location where I know that my bees won't be disturbed or worry others-even if they are having a bad day.
Here's my apiary on an allotment, posts fixed with metal spikes, the horizontal timber came from 3m pallets that I get through my business, and scaffold netting. Most of it has been re-used, I originally had the bees on a different plot at the allotment, but kept getting moaned at for not looking after the plot, so they found me an unwanted corner by the composting area 3.5m by 3.5m. The bird box was full of bumble bees I rehomed.


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