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It is the middle of June. A proper nuc will have a balanced make-up of foragers, house-bees and brood, along with sufficient stores- both pollen and honey. They should not need feeding at this time of the year, unless the weather turns particularly foul for some time.

But there again, perhaps they are not a proper nuc and have just been thrown together at short notice? You should know the quality of your nuc, and if you don't you should find out! What is much more important is the space you give them for expansion.

Regards, RAB
Thanks all - yes my glass quilt has a hole, so could use a contact feeder, but like the idea of a frame feeder - although a contact feeder is a bit less disruptive?

sorry, but i think it will be difficult if you have a glass quilt, most glass quilts have Bee space either side so you can turn them over and use either way up...this means the feeders do not seal of the thin narrow middle bar and the bees escape into the roof. and the feeder wobbles about and leaks...well thats what happened when i tried to use a contact feeder
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