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Aug 10, 2009
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Checked Hive 2 today (small hive) in the sunshine.
They had eaten all the fondant in the tub (surrounded by 40mm eke then crown board, then insulation).

Easy enough to replace but the bees are all clustered on top of the frames around the tub. So how to get new tub on without squashing bees?

What's your advice for this?

I gave them a very quick smoke and placed the new fondant gently down.

Whole operation was done v. quickly so I don't think they lost too much temperature.
To put your mind at rest regarding the bees themselves, can't speak for brood; I picked eight bees out of the snow the other day, popped them in a jam jar with a bit of comb that has dregs of syrup in and placed it on top of a towel on a radiator. Lazarus, when released near a landing board later, seven were good to go but mostly they flew up and away, back to a hive or back into the snow. No second chances, I went in for tea. :)

You seemed to have the right idea.

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