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Nov 26, 2008
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I have a small but welcome problem with one of my hives.

I had to Artificially Swarm a strong hive about a month ago but the queen didnt like the idea so ended up taking her off in a small nuc and combining the bulk of the bees in the original hive -- at the time it was Double Brood + I had just put the second super on as the first was fully drawn and about 7 frames of uncapped stores.

3.5 weeks later ( last weekend ) when I hoped to see a few eggs / brood and to take off the second brood box, hopefully empty, I found the whole thing from top to bottom full of uncapped stores ( well about 5 % capped in the corners of the top box) - if there was a mated queen in there, she would not have anywhere to lay.

I added a brood box with some drawn comb, a test frame and some foundation at the bottom and smoked, persuaded, gently shaken the bees into that box then added a super of foundation above the QX before putting all the rest of the boxes above that, just to give some room and something to do on rainy days.

I need to check the test frame this weekend ( I have a newly mated queen to put in if needed ) but I'm rapidly running out of woodwork and will need a stepladder soon ( 3 brood boxes + 3 supers already) - does anyone have any suggestions on how I might persuade them to cap some of these stores so I can take them off or do I just have to let nature take it's course ?
Bees capp honey when they cells are full, You cannot encourage them.

You may keep them tight but then bees swarm.

Don't hesitate. They know their job.

Bees need empty cells where they put rippen the nectar.