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I think they just draw what they want when they want.
I had one sheet of worker foundation perfectly drawn as drone earlier this season while the foundationless frame put in for that purpose was perfect worker drawn.
Last year I made quite a lot of Foundation by dipping a board in to molten wax.
I even rolled it back and forward through an old clothes mangle to make it less brittle. Put it in frames wired it and...... The bees just didn't like it!!
They seemed to draw Thier own comb next to the frames rather than on it or chew holes in it.
It was all brood frames that i made not super frames.
Maybe there wasn't enough expansion of the brood nest going on or something but i was very disappointed with it.
Wired frames with just a starter strip work better. They do make drone comb early on in the summer when they want drones but maybe not so much now. Going in to the autumn they draw it out lovely.
I make my own foundation and it works well as it is embossed. The apparently hit or miss experiences of non-embossed sheets would make me think that using it is not worth the risk. There is nothing nicer than a colony with well drawn out comb as it is so much easier to manipulate than a mish-mash of comb which may be warped, full of holes and aberrations where they can hide queen cells and brace comb. Keep your beekeeping as simple as possible - the bees will set you enough interesting challenges without your inventions, interventions and experiments!!
inventions, interventions and experiments!!
Yep. No body ever got rich doing that .eh?
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates spring to mind....... what did they ever achieve. Just allowed us to have a forum I suppose - what a legacy. But sadly cyber warfare and cyber fraud too. So there are downsides and upsides of many things

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