Easibee open mesh floors.

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Aug 24, 2010
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Dorset / East Sussex
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Hiya all,

Another one from a returning beek... Have any of you had any experience using 'Easibee' mesh floors? For my restart I'm on a bit of a tight budget so bought a couple of these off Amazon. For those who haven't seen my earlier thread I hived up a swarm yesterday, which subsequently absconded and has now been re-captured. I had initially set up the hive with one of these mesh floors, without varroa board in (probably mistakenly -- I guess an all wood box might be more appealing to an incoming swarm, but that's beside the point now...)

Anyway, more concerning for my long term plans is that, once I took apart the hive from which the swarm had absconded, I found about twenty bees stuck terminally in the mesh... obviously not a pleasant sight! Is this a case of me getting what I deserve for going on the cheap (i.e. crap product)? Or any other explanation? Anyone had success with these Easibee floors?

PS The re-captured swarm is now contained in a hive with one of my old wooden floors... for obvious reasons I want to use OMFs in the long run...



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