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The guy has a strange attitude , has no bees never yet really experienced handling his own colonies but seems he's an expert and thinks he knows better then the cumulative experience and knowledge of the forum.

Just goes to show how bad his approach and interaction is with others is if he has been given a permanent ban within a week.
Not when they are a complete plonker.
Well... we've had a few in the past and it's the season of goodwill so my benevolent nature came to the fore ... a spell in the sin bin usually sorts them out but I'm not going to press for him to be allowed back. We can live without people who are disturbing the peace and quiet of our collective hangovers !
approach and interaction ... with others
Yes, the thread had nothing to do with beekeeping and everything to do with Scout's inability to communicate flexibly and with humour or humility. Those three qualities are essential every time a hive is opened, never mind a human mouth.
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I'm sure he will attempt to rejoin under a pseudonym , but due to his spelling errors ,or his writing flair it will be noticed by the majority of people .
I must say 5 odd pages of thread not bad going for a beginner ,his reaction scores impressive though
One can only assume two objectives, a trouble maker wanting to cause disharmony within the forum or someone who is in dire need of the wise counsel of the forum . Which then one wonders who his mentors are and if they are at all in agreeance with his goals or his belligerence.
Well that's OK then . Because this grey old fart who also happens to be a moderator has decided he's had enough and you are on a month's holiday... come back when you can remain civil or you will be on a permanent holiday ... your loss not the forums !
I really appreciate the "grey old farts" and the hearing loss jibe he can level at me too if he wants, I'm 36 and have had hearing loss for over a decade.