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Mar 25, 2009
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Hi Again

With good weather and a strong colony, how long would you expect it to take for the bees to draw out a whole super? I ask because I have no supers with drawn foundation and know there will be OSR near by.

Thanks Again
I have no idea about your question... but have to ask, what is OSR? :)
OK DUHHH I just looked at the admins list of acronyms... Oil seed rape... Sorry to blight your question.
Now this is where castellated sups are a total pain as the bees will work the "middle" or to one side of first, so as you inspect you can move the frames around until all are drawn out.

Two weeks should do it for you with some decent weather.

Bees draw combs with the speed what they need to store nectar. If they get much nectar they do it fast, but if there is lack of nectar, they stop drawing.
PH the frames are not nailed in with castellated spacing,you lift them up and move one's from middle to outside,or where ever you want.Easier than needing a prybar to move those manley inventions around.
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(Maybe this is a daft question, not too sure??)

Here goes


Are you saying that the bees draw supers with castellated spacers differently from how they draw supers with other types of spacer?

I am saying if you want to move your frames around then the castelations are a total pain.

So what is so painful to lift a super frame?
A good colony can draw out foundation and fill it and cap it on OSR in less than a week. I saw this a couple of years ago and I also lost a prime swarm as I couldn't believe how quickly they could work.