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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Ok I have given my 4 new hives a couple of coats of cuprinol clear preserver. Can i now give them a coat of something else? do they need anything else they are cedar.
That already sounds like belt and braces,I dont treat my Cedar hives.
If they are ceder and you want them to stay wood looking not black , i wood suggest a couple of coats of ceder seal which will help prevent discolouration, what you have already put one is a wood preserver, we are now talking wood apperience, ie colours or not

if you want to colour your hive without the paint problems i wood suggest sadolin, it is a varnish type coating but with the ability to allow the wood to breath, i personaly used it and it vast colours for years

Paintings next but to last out side we are looking for one coat primer and two to three undercoats and at lest two gloss coats all with good quality paint cheap stuff does not last, as long as it is washed every year and applied properly you should have to reapply the top coat every three to four years with a prberble 15 year life span before we would be looking at resanding and starting again

every one poo poo's painting in todays world but just remeber there are plenty of edwardian and victorian window frames left in birmingham, 100+ years ?

it is realy just preferance most bee keepers slap something one every so often some of use take pride, depends how much time you have have aswell
Same here Admin,on cedar i use nothing,because it needs nothing.
On ordinary wood (according to Cuprinol advisor) -within their range, ONLY Garden Wood Preserver RED CEDAR- is suitable for hives. Don't ask me why that colour only- just passing on the advice
Thats Interesting Heather,has anyone contacted Cuprinol regards what to use,most paint companies have an expert to answer any questions.
I was in the shop - confused - so rang the number on the tin and that was the info he came straight back with- seemed sure of his facts.
Well i decided to paint them with cuprinol ducksback i used the brown as it will blend in better at the site i will be keeping them.:)
i prefere to use sadolin, purely because there is a good range of colours and differant type of finishes i belive there is 120 products you can get, the one i use looks like a paint finish but is a wood stain stroke wax no multi layers of differant paints ect ect just turn up and slap it on and go home , bloke painting at its best

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