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Jul 11, 2009
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hope you dont mind this advert, any problem please remove?

I have not seen this advertised in the newsletter but thought it might be of interest to any in Cornwall and Devon or if you are visitiing the area.

Callington Town Forum is pleased to announce a public lecture by Professor Francis Ratnieks in Callington Town Hall on Sunday 25th April at 2.30pm. Professor Ratnieks, the only professor of apiculture in the UK, is a world-recognised authority on the biology of bees and we are privileged that he has agreed to come to Cornwall to give this talk to help us understand the nature of problems currently besetting bee populations globally.
This lecture will also explore the natural history of the honey bee and why it is of such importance to all of us. It will be general interest to all and of specific interest to beekeepers, farmers and gardeners. All are welcome.
Due to limited seating space, seats must be reserved. Seats maybe requested from
Callington Town Hall (01578 384039), Kivell’s Estate Agent (Fore Street, Callington
01579 384321) or Jane’s Floral Designs (Pannier Market, Callington 01579 389331).
Tickets are free of charge; however, donations to help offset costs will be welcomed on the day.
Refreshments will be available for purchase before and after the talk. There will also be a number of exhibitors offering goods or services relating to bees.
Callington is the home of the Honey Fair held each October. This Fair has its origins in medieval times and, building on that history, the Town Forum is intent on making the Town a bee friendly environment. Plans are in hand to introduce a wide range of plants in and around the town for the benefit of the community and bees alike for many years to come.
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