Collecting nucs this weekend

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Jan 22, 2009
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Newton Abbot Devon
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Im finally picking up my two first nucs this weekend. Im a bit concerned about the weather forcast. Can somebody tell me if its a good idea to pick them up and transport them about 40 miles if its raining? As these are my first bees,i dont want to get it wrong.
Raining is good actually.

Best wishes with them and good luck.

Just to expand a little on that, cool and rainy means that they will all be at home when closed up (which is good) and they are unlikely to cook during the journey (also good!). In general, rainy and cool is bad news for examining them, but good for transporting.

all the best

In the car, frames should be orientated along the length of the vehicle, so that braking and accelerating does not cause frames to swing into each other damaging bees or the queen. cornering forces are considered to be less of a problem, but you might take it easy at roundabouts all the same. Good luck.
I ferried mine from Mikes at Easy Bee in Gloucestershire to Staffordshire on 19th May.

Terrible weather!

Fine when I picked 'em up, but chucking it down from the moment I joined the M5, to when I left the M6 at Stafford.

I put them on the hive stand, and gave them 5 minutes to get used to the stillness.

The hive entrance was blocked up with a strip of foam; I gently slid it out from one end, whilst sliding some bits of grass into the other end.

That way, the bee's were not able to rush out, and get lost.

By the time they had pushed the grass out, they knew that they were in a different place, and commenced orientation flights.