christmas's revenge on humbug

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hedgerow pete

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Jan 26, 2009
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Why is it the one person in the whole planet that realy hates xmas , the one person that thought scrooge was right before he was mentaly tortured by the disney corporation and brain washed, why is it that big chief humbug , now that he has one child at home
still, thats right still gets up in time for work,

do you realise that i have been up for two hours now, padding around the house waiting for the kid to wake up so humbug can start.
so far i have been to feed me chickens and evan the two whippets are ignoring me because we went around the park at 6 am,

what is this some form of torment sent from disney them selves, humbug to the lot of them

i still cant belive i woke up in time for work and did not get a lie in,

retribution from stanta,
I wonder if i can sue him for mental torment?

happy humbug love to all from hedge row
Just had another idea, which i will call grand parents revenge, when my grandson is four or five and realy into christmas i am going to make him a stocking and fill it with loads of little toys for him and i am going to make sure its nailed to his bed before the big day, the revenge part?

a bloody great big alarm clock at the bottom of the stocking set for 5 am!!!

grand parents can be so evil when we want
5AM Alarm?

Would not work in our house, alarm would go off an hour after youngest had got ready, made bed and was begging to go downstairs to attempt to open the pressies that were impossible to open due to the way I had taped them (thats my revenge part).

Over doing tape on pressies also works well on the mother in law, always good for a giggle, you just have to remember to get ready to duck as it gets thrown at you in exasperation :)

Whatever your views on Christmas or Humbug, have a good one :cheers2:

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