Can anyone tell me what they think this is?

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Jul 28, 2008
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Found this around the entrance to one of my hives a couple of days back,can anyone tell me what it is?
are they chalkbrood mummies, white and black?
Do you have segments in that white = larva?

...Pic is guite unclear
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I would go with chalkbrood.

If you lift a colony and hear a "rattle" as the mummies move over the mesh then you know you have a "chalky" colony.

Widdershines was nearly right.

Its the grains off the sandwiches I took with me for lunch.
Well it is April the 1st :biggrinjester:
I WAS going to say that it was a piece of kitchen roll. Do you use the stuff that is advertised by the two tranvestites?
I knew you had a sense of humour nice one
I thought it looked like sultanas. Beware poorly focused snaps from those who know better and have devious ways. :)
If its any consolation to members the jokes on me because I have felt really bad since making the post.

I will add April fools jokes to the list of things I dont do:
April fools jokes
The list goes on and on but you get the idea..

Just wait until one day when you go up and stay at Pete's, he will be adding Chalk Brood mummies to your muesli.

A simple lesson for many, never upset those preparing the food you are about to eat.:smilielol5:

Regards Ian

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