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mark s

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Jun 9, 2009
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16 + 3nuc's
hi all
are there any plans knocking about for national frame feeders
edgerow pete did a video on maiking one from a standard frame.
cheers sixfooter
ill go and have a look for it:)
Measure up a standard frame for over all dimensions. Check the width of the Hoffman shoulders and that is your overall width, and allow for the thickness of your ply, and do remember there are 2 of them to allow for.

Cut some wood to size and using water proof glue assemble.

This "plan" applies to all frame sizes, :)

Don't forget to waterproof the inside with polyurethane paint.Also make a wooden float just smaller than the inside of the feeder for the bees to stand on to feed.
I made one and waterproofed it with fibreglass resin and another with PVA adhesive. Both worked OK, but the resin niffs a bit while it is drying!
I dont use them myself but a fellow beekeeper made some and mixed dry sand with the pva, it makes the surface rough and the bees dont drown
I use frame feeders in all my nucs and I make them waterproof by using lots of
waterproof wood glue. A little stick or dry bracken works fine as a float for the bees