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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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ok own up who likes a little nibble while online?

Mine is rich tea biscuits or a nice piece of Lardy cake.

And coffee by the bucket load.
You should see my key board, there is the = of 1/2 a packet of biscuit crumbs in and under thekeys:)
It's a sweetened dough cake (like bread) but it is rolled out, dotted with lard, currants, sugar & I can't remember if it's spicy as well. Then it's rolled up or folded. Allowed to rise and then baked, the lard & sugar ooze out and form a crispy yummy sticky base. . . . ooohh I've got to stop talking about itNOW

So you like lardy cake then Frisbee,nice is'nt it. plenty of strong tea for me.
He he he!!

Since we're on a kind of 'cooking' thing, do you think you could post the Bakers Fondant recipe for us here, Frisbee?

...and could it be stickied when it does appear please Admin, think that would be a good thing to have to hand, as it were.
Good idea Widdershins,I will sticky it.

Finman what type of cake do you eat in Finland?
It should be just a new hard drive with the backup added to it?
Should it?. . . . . that makes it sound too easy, he didn't make it sound like that on the phone last night :ack2:

He's now 38 minutes late (tut from me who can drive 100 miles and turn up on time) but I suppose I shouldn't complain, last time he came for my sons he was a day late :)

It's bellringing night too - so I won't be there.
No - because the pub was knocked down about 3 years ago, it was a nasty '60's effort in any case. We all go back to the Tower Captains house, some have beer and some (cough) have tea :)

As with a lot of these things the followers get older, with very few young ones coming into it so the drunken revelry of the bellringers outing has been left behind in the pages of a James Herriot book. I'm one of the younger ones.

This has gone nicely off thread hasn't it? Started on biscuits and now we're onto bellringing - good job we aren't on the you-know-what.
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I am showing my age then because I always remenber the bell ringers could down a pint fast in my local.

The pubs gone but the church and bellrigers are still around.

Best not to get me started on biscuits, I used to have supper about 10pm, which consisted of biscuits and milk, this is not what some of you call your evening meal that comes earlier.

I have done this since a very young age, well as long as I can remember, but am now that hungry all the time, I end up eating a lot of them, so have started eating cerial, or corn flakes, seems to be a healthy option, just not a great ide whist typing!

(I claim Being so hungry down to how hard I work) hehe



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