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Jul 28, 2008
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Has anyone ever made beeswax candles?
Any tips please..
Nice link! I need to put the kettle on before reading that.
Hello all having just been to my local beek club they did a demonstration on making all sorts off bee related stuff. One thing they did was to make a candle out of unwired foundation. Placed the wick at one end then rolled the wick up in the foundation. It looked very neat and the smell when burning was fab. :cheers2:
Hello Veg welcome to the forum.

I have seen some like that at Thornes,they do foundation in green and red etc for that purpose.
Hi yes used to make a lot of candles to sell in various shops and info centers,mostly from thornes silcone molds,but also made my own molds,sent away to a craft company and bought some liquid silicone/latex and catalyst.and then any model i could find,like dogs,pheasants,partridge,dolphins,ect you just give one light coat,then allow to dry for 10 mins and give thick coat,i used to put the models in an incubator between coats to speed things up,just keep on until its as thick as you want,you then peel off and you have a really detailed mold of whatever it is,it does no harm to the model.used to then decorate them all.paint pheasants ect. Did enjoy this until the demand was more than i had time for and the novelty wore off.
I have a large bucket of blue rubber blocks the size of soap bars,I did see that a set of instructions is included,I must have a play at some point.
Ill drop some over to you Admin.
Due to the lack of honey, i decided to have a go at making beeswax candles, buying the foundation and rolling is the quickest way, you can then decorate with dried flowers or pin decorations into the wax, looks great and friends family love em, i would recommend dipping the wick first(no pun intended).

I also cheated and bought some moulds, (silicone) easiest type to get the candle out when cooled. i use a Kochstar II to melt and strain the wax, and i also in summer use a solar extractor with filters before placing in the Melter.

Its good fun and the mould possibilities are endless.
This wax melter will liquefy and clean up to 15kgs of wax on water using the sedimentation principle. Tap off liquid wax from the upper tap and drain water from the lower. Makes wax melting for the small scale candle maker a dream.

Stainless steel tank with plastic lid and handles. Brass taps with tight, standard fitting tap washer seals (3/8"). 1800W heater controlled by a termostat with a range between 30 degC and 100 deg C. 220-240V AC. 365mm diameter, 480mm high. 120 minute timer.
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Sweetums I have no idea how you managed to spend so much this year,its not as if you have purchased any big?:p
For rolled candles there is no need to dip the wicks first.

However dimensions given for wicking are usually for paraffin wax so it pays to experiment a little to see what burns best. For info a nat brood sheet will burn for 8 hours.
I sell my Candles for £3.00
They are 10cm tall and burn for 50 hours.

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All I can see is the image of the bolier unit on the first page
Do you think Thornes sell this candle mold?
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