Bees making comb under the omf floor

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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Checked one of my hives today and they had built comb under the omf floor. There were hundreds of bees under there i cut the comb off and shook the bees back into the brood box any reasons for this? they have 3 supers on as well maybe time for another.
Does your queen have a clipped wing(s)? If so have they may have tried to swarm. As you know an queen with clipped wings will often end up under the hive, if it is on a stand.
You say you may need another super, is the hive very congested?
The queen was inside the broodbox (unclipped) still laying away. Still some undrawn frames in one of the supers, but they still went and built wild comb under the floor filled and capped most of it. I cut this off and put it above the crown board.

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