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Find a Place for the Hives

If you are wanting to keep bee hives in a city please check with the local authorities whether bees can be kept within the city limits and any rules or bylaws that apply. In the city the top of an apartment building is one option or perhaps a communal garden or backyard. If living or having access to a suburban backyard this would be an ideal place within a city. There is an amazingly high amount of forage for bees in most cities. There are many gardens and parks where flowers grow.
The "Pete" on ebay that is referred to earlier in this thread.....

Can anyone point me to this guy on ebay now? The old link doesn't work.
Ditto - Pete's page has disappeared. Got another link anybody?
"Beesuccess" is a blatant spammer who has been given the bum's rush from another site of my acquaintance- he spams his website, and dreadfully (laughably) inaccurate "publications"....... :biggrinjester:
So where is he please? Pleese, pleese.
Who? - the crooked spammer, or Pete the hivemaker?
believe you are looking for hivemaker I currently have 1 of his and another 2 on order, top notch stuff worth every penny

Spammers are naf - I want Pete if his stuff is supposed to be so good? Where the hell is he? Nobody got a link?
send "Hivemaker" a private message - he's along most evenings, and I can confirm he's a nice bloke who makes damn good hives!:coolgleamA:
his wife is great too, I had a made weekend back in may with firsts issues of swarming!! all the experienced beeks were out doing what needed doing, petes wife was at home taking the calls, she was a god send!

And yes the hives are too good to put outside, was tempted to make my girls live in the garage so that I could keep the hives nice inside!!

There is a couple of weeks wait at the moment as they are busy at the moment, but well worth the wait. Wouldnt touch a thornes budget after these! only a bit more money but much better quality than i could build

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