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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Members should remember that these are the old style nationals not the newer modified ones that most of us use.

Having been clever saying that,what's the difference ?
Just found this

You may come across the British National Hive descried as the British Modified National, this stems from a change in the design eons ago to add handles and no 'unmodified' hives are manufactured now, but you may come across them on the second hand market. They mix and match just fine with the 'new' design but are less easy to lift.
Talking of eBay - I don't know if anyone else has one of these new hives currently at auction on there, but I can vouch for the quality of these - they're EXCELLENT - and Pete who makes them is a mine of information for anyone looking to get in to beekeeping. 1st class workmanship and a lot better than anything I came across through the usual suppliers when I was looking around.


(If the link doesn't work just type the item number at the end of the URL in to the eBay search box)
Link works fine WPC,They are the best hives money can buy,I can recommend them if anyone is in the market for a hive or two.
Just wish there were more bloody Langstroths available, its so difficult trying to expand and get a second hand bargain !!!!.
the ones the thread started about are 420 mm by 420 mm they take are basically a early national and take smith size frames. i should know i have 4 of them
I can vouch for Pete's hives, I recently bought two and they are in a different league to a certain supplier whom I cannot mention. I recently returned one to the 'certain supplier' due to questionable build quality.
were they anything like the pics on my "retailer standards" post Moggett ?

I would love to have some hives off Pete, but he aint doin the langstroth.
perhaps if enough of us Langstroth users put in an order he might roll some out ???
Well I spoke to him last week as he's making me some matching supers - I'm having to wait a month for them as his little workshop is pulled out at the moment with order!.....but it's worth a try.

Hoping to buy another hive from him soon.

I'll give further recommendation to Pete's hives. I all but cried to put it outside, so fine was the workmanship!
Not only does Pete make hives that are finished better than most furniture, he's also great to deal with, very knowledgable and most willing to help in any way he can. I'll not buy hives from anyone else!
It was inaccurate machining from the 'certain supplier' which meant that the boxes did not fit together properly as the locking bars sat proud. Also the varroa boards were attached by upturned rails whist Pete's fit snugly to help seal in the apiguard fumes during treatments.
Bought 10 off Pete. no complaints whatsoever:cheers2:.
John Wilkinson
fantastic new site bid4bees.co.uk


Maybe of interest to someone living near Alton in Hampshire

they say in the ad that they have 10 for sale at £55 each.

The items on e bay have nothing to do with me and i dont know the person selling them.
Also the varroa boards were attached by upturned rails whist Pete's fit snugly to help seal in the apiguard fumes during treatments.

That 'problem' can be fixed in couple of seconds with a lump of sponge rubber rammed in the hole between the floor and the hive stand.

Any woodwork that fits tightly always ends up causing a problem when its left out in all weathers. Wood always moves unless it's encased in resin.
m100 Moggets floor slides are a snug fit,not tight.
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Moggets floor slides are a snug fit,not tight.

No doubt they are snug, but the the key word is are, not will continue to be. Regardless of the quality of woodworker, or the choice of wood species, or the quality of the wood, or the quality of the seasoning of that wood, or the class of fit chosen, the environment most hives are located in means that in almost all circumstances due to wet/dry/hot/cold, in time, a snug fit in a sliding component will eventually = tight. For instance an entrance block that is so tight you need a hive tool to remove it on a damp morning can dry and change size in a low humidity environment such that it blows out or is displaced in windy weather, this happened earlier this year despite my entrance blocks being numbered and kept with each hive.

Sloppy, really, really badly fitting bits of correx plastic on flimsy upturned plastic hive runners guarantees that the tray will always 'fit'...as long as you remember that there have been at two distinct widths of that type of floor needing two differing widths of tray.
Well i have some that have been in use for over ten years now,all weathers,snug fit,but not gone tight yet,perhaps they will one day,have to wait a few more years perhaps and see.They are not treated,or encased in resin,but have beeswax only on the moving parts.Of course if they were tight to start with,then when wet,they would be solid,thats obvious. And i believe really really badly fitting bits of correx lead to really really inefective varroa treatments in many cases,which can lead to really really dead bee's.
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