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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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I was thinking of importing one of the posh suites from the usa.
What type of suite do you have and is it any good?
White boiler suit from mole valley farmers ?15,veil from bb wear ? veil will outlast several overalls.
We have the 'Astronaught' ones - mine is biscuit, Hubbys is Olive!

We did have a really cheap one each, but the veils ripped so easily, and Hubby got stung on the chin. It was one of the 'round' hat/veils.
I have a Sherrif now... like an astronaut. Mostly it is good. They sting me on the head through top of veil and sometimes through the suit. Before I had a round veil and just a boiler suit and they were always going up my sleves and trousers ande through the pockets. One time I got stung so badly I had to be on a drip at the hospital.

I love my Sherrif and i especially love the star on the front that says APIARIST.
Poly are you sure it says apiarist,and not us marshall.
It says apiarist and Sherrif on it.... and obviously Sherrif suits my new personality... I can just poinht to the Sherrif badge and tell them to get off my yard becuase they are not welcome around this part of town. If they don't obey (Sadly do not have a gun. Possibly for the best), I will point to the Apiarist badge and then they will be very afraid!!!
This is me ready to inspect the bees.

Wow Andy,you got the same type of bee's as me,real gentle one's.Feel sorry for all them dressed in hot smelly bee suits,when if they had bee's like us they could just wear light protection,like this.
Absolutely, i sometimes take the dog up with me.

Admin,get him off here,i spilt mine as well,Andy you sure are a character,and yur dug.
Aww, bless!! He needs a veil though, or his nose could get stung!!

..oh, and why do you have cocktail umbrellas under your arms in yourpic??!! h ha!