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Thank you @sarahcorlett2566
I've never managed to see the Lights here in the UK.

I must agree with Emyr....Though Derek Brockway had pictures of the Aurora taken from somewhere in Carmarthen last night ....
My local Facebook page had several pictures taken from viewpoints at Hindhead which is only just north of the Surrey/Sussex border.
Well I looked up to the Northern skies again last night and all I got was a face full of rain backed up with a chill wind.
I might get lucky one day I suppose. WINDCLOUD.png
First time seeing it last month. I’ve now become an aurora chaser 😂. I have trees in the way so have to walk up to the fields to see but even then the trees can be in the way of the hills where most of the activity usually is. It’s often not visible to the naked eye and only gets picked up through a camera lens, so worth taking photos just to check.

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