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Any Nucs for sale in Lincolnshire

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Apr 20, 2010
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South Lincs, uk
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Hi, this is my first post on the forum.

Wondered if anyone had a NUC or BROOD box of bees for sale in the South Lincolnshire area.

I recently bought a 10 frame box (£190) at annual bee auction, RAF Scampton. Could do with another for my garden.

Maybe neeed to wait until I can split this hive.:toetap05:

Firstly, welcome to the forum.

So, you already have two colonies and are wishing to buy in a third? My advice - forget it. Either buy in a queen and make up a nuc from your colonies or simply split one of them.

If you are wanting to get to three, aim for four and if you need to unite in the autumn, to over-winter strong colonies, you are well prepared.

What do you call South Lincs?

Regards, RAB
Thanks marcros, I've sent a pm to Lincsbee.

Hi,Oliver 90; South Lincs = near Bourne.

Been here 13 years, same amount of time I've been keeping bees.

I was looking for another colony a.s.a.p. because I wish to have them away from original apiary. Will be splitting existing colonies a wee bit later, cheers.

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