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Jun 8, 2010
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Good morning, I collected with help my first swarm last thursday 17/06/10 have had a look this weekend and they are drawing out the new foundation lovely yet cant see any eggs:iamwithstupid:why? also removed borrowed super drawn frame from friend wich was a super and the where making comb under it so took it off and found it looked funny see attached pic, what is this?. have joined bee club but as work most weekends really struggle to get to class and have never see a new hive the ones at our apairy are well establish is this normal? am feeding them as have been advised any help really appreciated.
Looks like pollen, the glossy looking cells would have a layer of honey over the top to help preserve it.
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You are almost certainly looking at a variety of pollens brought in by the girls, judging by the colour quite possibly oriental poppy (the black stuff), red & white clover the dark russet, and that reddy brown is possibly lupin. The fact they are bringing it in is a good sign.

If you collected on Thursday then you may not have a laying queen yet, hence no eggs. Give them time, dont over feed or they may fill all available comb with syrup and your new queen will have no where to lay as and when she is mated and feels the urge. Good luck! R

Edit: sorry Mike, overlap! Same thought, but I am obviously a slower 'tryper'
thanks for suh quick responce am feeling like a new mother lolwe think its a primal swarm as was to many to go in nuc box so had to take brood box will leave till next weekend would love to look in every day find them so amazing seem really calm bunch
how often can i look in? am just so fascinated by them, need to send some off today that i caught at weekend and put in freezer to be tested fingers crossed all ok .

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