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Dec 10, 2008
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Lots of advice is offered on the forum, and part of the problem is to know what is good advice from people who know from their own experience, and what is just repetition of things read or heard.
So I am posting this to share one experience. This year I wanted to split a colony that came out of winter very strongly in order to replace a lost colony, and at the same time use it to requeen a colony with a chalkbrood problem. I decided on a method, but wanted to check it out, so I asked a member who , I thought, knew what he was talking about. His reply came back within 10 mins (which shows his level of experience) and he told me how he would go about it. I followed his idea, and have had excellent results. The chalkbrood colony requeened with the problem cleared up, no loss of egg laying time, and a super of honey produced, and the split giving 2 nucs and not one as I had planned. The 2 nucs are now in hives and will be full colonies by the winter. And the donator colony stayed strong enough to give me a honey crop.
So if anyone wants any advice on multiplying their colonies,or requeening, I strongly recommend that they listen to Poly Hive. Thanks P H.
When the forum started I used a green and red bar system for "karma".

The idea was that when a member gave good advice or made a helpful post other members could increase the number of "Karma" points and increase the number of green bars under the members username.

The same thing was possible for negative "Karma" if a member gave bad advice or abused or swore at other members.

That way it was easy for new members to see who could be most trusted with good/bad advice.

I came in for so much stick from an individual member that I removed the function within days of the forum starting.

I think we should start a poll to see if the majority of members are for or against bringing it back ?
Good idea in principal Admin.....but seeing this is a smaller and friendlier forum than others (from what I have heard) then I am not sure this would be absoloutely necessary.

Hope you can work this contradiction out !
good on you for sharing this with us.

admin - has a system of 'thanks'

basically if someone gives a really informative post other members can hit the 'thanks button', you then get a 'thanked' and 'thanks' score.

you cannot thank untill you have a postcount of 50, I think it works very well.

in the stats bar of the profile you get something like this

Total Thanks
Total Thanks: 218
Thanked: 231/219
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Find all posts thanked by Adam
Thanks Jean, that was very kind of you to say so. I'm just glad it all worked well for you.

Trouble is Admin that with your karma system you are making judgements about people and you will get flac and lots of bad karma back. One thing i like about this forum is that the moderation is done with a light touch..which is a difficult skill in itself (so pat on the back there!) I got fed up with another certain forum because I felt the moderation was too heavy handed. It did not happen to me but it annoyed me that people were judged and edited . Forum members are certainly capable themselves of moving topics back on track, if they so wish and i am sure capable of putting their fourpence worth in if they think advice given has been inadequate.
Good post Geoff,message understood :cheers2:
If it ain't broke, don't fix it !

We are all capable of choosing whose advice to follow, and a few weeks on the forum will give us a good idea who is on our wavelength.

I am in awe of several posters atm, PH, Finman, and two or three others. They are the 'SAS' to my 'boy-scout' abilities.

Obviously competent exponents of the growing sport of 'Extreme Beekeeping'.

Hang on.

I am as far from extreme beekeeping as it gets.

I am up for giving info as much as I can but I am pretty much a Varroa virgin.

I believe in being honest.

I'd just like to say that I sought some advice from PH via a private message a day or two ago and he was kind enough to give this 'newbee' some much appreciated advice.

To my mind, that is what this forum is about.

Thanks very much PH - it's great to know that there are experienced folk on here who will look out for those of us with a passion for beekeeping but who, perhaps, don't have that much experience.

(The same goes for Hivemaker, who I've had the pleasure of chatting to on the phone a few times also).
Gingernut,last time we met we chatted bee's so much that I never realised you are an astro fan.

I hang out in the Astro lounge,I must come over one evening to see your scope..

Regards PH,Hivemaker and others its nice to get advive from experienced beeks that have seen the film and got the t-shirt rather than just read the book.
Good idea,enough star gazers around,perhaps we could all throw stones at the moon.
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