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May 13, 2019
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I think i know what the answer is and what to do about it but i thought i would ask for advice first.I only have three polly nationals ,all DB one is building up nicely with three frames of capped brood and the bees very busy.This queen is in her third season.
Of the other two hives. One there was definatly no Queen and only patches of drone brood on three frames but no worker brood or eggs at all to be seen.Also a very damp hive with several black frames and scattered white cells ,that i believe to be chalk brood.
The last hive ,Saw the Queen ,but again no worker brood or eggs of any sort only patches of drone brood. But several frames of stores.This was a mated Queen purchased last season from a well know supplier. They went into winter at a good weight and were weighed every couple weeks and were steady all through. I also have a Mated Queen on order that is due end of may .
Im thinking my only option is to try and unite the Q- with the Q+ hive and increase the one good colony. Maybee then if timing is right i could split when the new Queen arrives. Not sure what else i can do.
looks like you've got two dud hives - DLQ in one (you've seen her) and the other either laying workers or a DLQ good at hide and seek. I would give the DLQ the gatepost treatment and unite that colony with the Q+ one, wait a few days then shake out the other DLQ/LW hive
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Yes,vaped 5 times with5 days seperation last autumn and one vape in december.
I am cosidering buying in a nuc now as im down to one colony with a old Queen and no back up and i dont want to rely on a poss/maybee swarm later. Thank you
down to one colony with a old Queen
Hang on a while: an old queen will either be superseded (though they may swarm on them in this half of the season) or plain swarm, and a few nucs could be made up with good sealed QCs. Save you a few bob as nuc prices are up again, anywhere between £270-325.

If you want them to get on with it, don't add extra boxes.

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