Admin, are PM's working Ok?

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Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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Hi Admin

A few people have tried to pm me and after several attempts they have "got through" are the pm's working OK?

Just checked the server logs and database and everything looks ok.
It may of been the server had the hiccups for a while.

Give me a shout if it happens again and I will give it a re-boot.
Don't tell me you are using a Windows Server Admin. You had better wash your mouth out with a bottle of Blue Nun. I understood rebooting to fix problems to be a Windows malaise. :puke:
No truth that Monsanto are going to write an OS? :cheers2:
LOL Hombre,no lucky for us its a Linux server,I have never used a windows box and dont fancy trying to run a forum on one.

Monsanto would only write an os if they thought they could get us all using it.
Mind you the research money does seem to be on a chemical cpu so I expect them to be interested in whats going on.

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