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I've got The Ocean at the bottom of my Garden

..... Perhaps we should re-assign finance so that if the Royal Marines want to take out a hovercraft or landing craft for training, they have to run a 'bring and buy sale' or a 'coffee morning' to pay for the fuel. That's the equivalent of what happening in many schools.


The Royal Navy sent the heavy mob round today - it may or may not be to do with my rant above. Anyway, the Navy seems to have scraped together enough funds to send the flagship, HMS Ocean, out so once the final loading is done, she's away. Let's hope the sailors don't upset the bees - they've been flying well for the last few days (the bees not the sailors) although the cold east wind is restricting their range.

You'd think the Navy could figure out some way of reducing noise when they're in port - turning off the deck speakers, for instance. Ever since they moored up, their deck tannoys/PA has been going nearly non-stop. If a factory or school made that sort of racket, there be the devil to pay.



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