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    Queen rearing Spring 2019 BIBBA

    I went to the one on 9 Feb and it was recorded. Think there was a plan to make it available so maybe keep an eye on the BIBBA website. But wouldn't recommend it: not much technical info, agree with comments others have left.
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    Honey labels.

    What does it say differently to that? I think it says exactly that.
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    Honey labels.

    That's the bbka website.
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    Honey labels.

    No, but it must be marked with at least 'Honey' and an indication of the country it was made in. You can just write this on the lid if you want. http://www.-------------/local/northstaffordshire/bm~doc/tradingstandards-honey-2.pdf
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Ha ha.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Extracted my first ever super of honey! Tastes a bit like freshly mown grass. Now have to get up early to give the box back to them before work.
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    Drone brood in super

    I have a 14x12 brood box with three shallow supers on top. No queen excluder. All three supers are fairly full and I went to the apiary today planning on clearing the top one in order to return it. Looking through it today I found that two neighbouring shallow frames in the middle of the box...
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    Jars - from who & how much?

    A solid reason could be the solids in it. Might the starch cause dysentery later in the winter? And the Internet says that pectin is toxic to honey bees. Perhaps worth feeding to just one hive as a trial to begin with.
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    putting a mated queen into apedia

    How do you get the apidea comb drawn? Or is fine to use foundation if that's all you have?
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Found sealed swarm QCs and Q, so A/S. Did it vertically for lack of space in my garden. Q plus 3 frames of stores and rest foundation in bottom, 1 QC left in top (plus any I missed), with cover board and entrance in between. Don't have any drawn frames as beginner. I wonder if this was right.
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    Honey pollen analysis

    On the show you can see the guy's name and the name of the firm he's set up for himself. A bit of a ratch around on the Internet and you can find his contact details. I've pm'd you his email address. Looking at some certificates he's produced in the past, it looks like urban/suburban/garden...
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    Bailey change few combs

    Thanks very much.
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    Bailey change few combs

    I have a 14x12 national box for the brood. When I bought my first nucleus late last summer they were on five deep national frames. They over wintered on these five, plus two 14x12s they drew out at the end of the summer, dummied down with a bit of insulation board. Four of the deeps and both...
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    Re-queening aggressive hives

    Googling "rotational beekeeping" gives it as the first result, on a website called liveleak.
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    Mouse guard

    It's forecast -2C overnight next week here. Should I be waiting till after all risk of frost has passed? Or is a light frost of no concern?