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    Welcome! Enjoy your bees and the forum.
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    Monty Don't

    Bring back Matt James and Sven Womwell. Class acts, modern ideas, design skills and plant knowledge. Monty is a one trick pony, carrot and veg man. These days gardening is more than a lawn and grow your own.
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    The future of beekeeping.

    Sadders, you are right. Licensing is on its way. The others on here who list obstacles will find themselves overtaken by events. It will come and we will probably have no influence over what structure, qualifications, experience or education will be required. It'll be EU-wide, it'll be soon.
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    Monty Don't

    In my opinion Monty is the worst presenter in the history of GW. His over-pronounciation of vowels (just like Carol Klein, the worst guest presenter) is annoying, his patronising manner, his inability to use words longer than six letters, the list goes on. To name him in the same sentence as...
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    My first Queen cells found.

    Mark, please don't be discouraged by these events. Beekeeping is not easy, it's a constant challenge. We are all learning new things, even those who have kept bees for years. Buy a nuc or get a swarm when you're ready and try again - you will succeed, it's just not an easy hobby.
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    Monty Don't

    I have also complained and asked them to correct the advice next week. Idiots.
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    Well hello there!

    Welcome! Enjoy your bees.
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    Amateur beekeepers ‘causing urban swarms’

    Once again, it all points to a need for all beeks to be licensed and qualified, educated and mentored.
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    hi new to bees and this forum

    Welcome, enjoy your bees.
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    Hospital Appointment.

    Then it's time you took a look at the independent stats on the Welsh Government's (Labour) attempts to run the NHS, then compare them to England. Then ask how much they've cut the budget, and then tell me why so many people are moving from Wales to England just to get NHS treatment. The Tories...
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    Hospital Appointment.

    I'd rather have an English NHS than the crappie Welsh one under a Labour Government. That's just an embarrassment for Wales.
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    Stolen Hives

    I am so sorry to hear this. I hope the scum are caught and sent down for a long time.
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    Spring Convention 2015

    I did the Scanning Electron Microscope course on bee body parts - absolutely brilliant - great teacher, great fellow beekeepers (the course has a max of 5 participants). The BBKA should run more of these sessions so others can have a go.
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    Spring Convention 2015

    I think they need to move the venue around the country each year. I think the lectures are great, but the trade bit was very poor. Beetradex has it beat by a long way.
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    Grass seed and birds

    In the USA seed is covered in a gel and sprayed on the area using a hose - a much more efficient way of seeding - it's almost impossible to buy rolled turf like in the UK. The gel contains nutrients and a water store that absorbs more water as you water it. It's only a matter of time before it...