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Dec 8, 2008
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Spotted the bees were out and about this morning in the mild calm weather so I wandered down to the hives for a look. Both hives had yellow dust on the alighting board at the entrance. I didn't see bees coming in with pollen so any ideas what it may be? I am reasoning its being ejected from the hives rather than being brought in.


I assume that it's granular 'dust' which is just cappings as they munch their way through stores. I also assume that you don't have open mesh floors, as the cappings usually fall through onto the ground.
The sun brought out my bees yesterday too as it was nice and sunny - although the air was cold. I assume that they are flying today but I'm at work :( so can't see.
The warmth from the sun will allow the bees to do some housekeeping and chuck out any rubbish that's accumulated - including dead bees.
I'm inclined to go with wax moth, chewed cappings hardly resemble 'dust'?.
Yes its more granular than fine dust. What actiosn would I take for wax moth? I'm loathed to open the hives.

Thanks for the advice folk, my first winter with bees!

Dont think you have anything to worry about, just normal hive debris,the bee's having a clear out in between cold do have your mouse guards fitted?
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I do have the guards on. Thanks for the reassurance.

hmmmm i think its fairy dust
your bees are being rustled by the little folk

they ride them around the garden at night you know!

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