Wrapping them up for winter, perspex crown board on or off?

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clare p

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Jul 12, 2009
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East Sussex
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1 new Nuc and a swarm caught on the 10th July
I am just readying them for winter
One July nuc is in a wbc brood box, I have been feeding and a few weeks ago there were 8+ full frames of capped stores, very little brood during the apiguard treatment and now I want to leave them alone for the winter.
This weekend I will take off the rapid feeder and bed them down.
My question is
Do I leave on my perspex crown board, will it cause condensation and should I cover up the hole (was thinking of putting the rapid feeder lid over it) and I am in two minds whether to insulate the roof, it is a WBC roof covered in copper sheet (husband is a metal worker), we have some celotex (sp?) left in a barn.
Do I insulate and leave a small gap at the edges or does that defeat the purpose?
Same question for my July swarm in a national hive.

Many thanks
First question is solid floor or OMF? I leave no top ventilation with OMF. Effective top insulation directly onto the crownboard will reduce/prevent condensation on same. But they must have adequate ventilation to prevent dampness in the hive without undue chilling. An OMF is more than adequate for ventilation.

Regards, RAB
drat you beat me to it

I've got the time. Only on very light duties at the present time! Things would be getting boring unless I can read a book, go for a short walk, etc.

Regards, RAB
thanks for your reply
the wbc is solid floor and the national is omf

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