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Nov 8, 2008
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Why does the clock on my computer keep changing time?

Every so often, I think about once a week I turn on and the clock is about 8 hrs back. I don't notice this of course till I come on a forum such as this and there are no new posts :toetap05: I alter the time and hey presto all the posts in the last 8 hrs appear.

I had a new hard drive put in the other week and it's been doing it since then. If anybody knows why please speak s l o w l y cos I'm computer illiterate. . . . .

Is the battery running out ?

Sometimes the bios plays up when turned off if its starting to go.
Sorry if I confused you Frisbee,I was talking about the internal battery(CMOS),its like a watch battery and holds the memory for the brain when you are turned off.

If its always 8 hours it could be your clock settings go back to a default time of -8 hours.

So when you turn on instead of GMT you get the Microsoft time for silicon valley.

It is often the first sign of a failing battery.

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