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May 11, 2011
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Please leave this thread For active Bh owners only who are prepared to come out ..no opinions please ..just facts ...thanks
Today we had 17 degrees c.
So we opened up as most of the bees were on the cherry a few streets away
We only had cappings on the Tray from the front 2 seams so we were a bit concerned about what we would find.
Whoa... All frames full of actives, loads of larve.. All 10,s full ..few crabs...So when was the swarm due?
So we removed all but one of the nationals that the nuc came on ( leaving one for natural varroa cull) and loaded 4 10s of foundation to the front of the nest.
There was no brood on the repositioned nats but a few bees were there, however the frames were heavy with honey, so we put them in a double layer of super boxes with qx below.
So hopefully in a week we can confirm no queen above qx...and get rid on the nats once and for all.
We will have a lot of old honey in those nat frames...any idea what to do with it.?
First sting of the year...gotta wear a shirt under the suit
New nuc comming soon for new Bh.

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