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That's terrible luck. My wife came along this year, hasn't been for many, she still enjoyed the day. Had to make do with bacon or sausage rolls as the ovens had played up but they were still lovely. Had a good chat with an old friend outside while weighing wax in, I hadn't seen him in over ten years but he is still going strong even though his son has taken over the majority of the hard graft.
Always an enjoyable day.
Bought early tickets .............. couldn't attend.
That's really weird. JBM and I were musing on how sparse the crowds were compared to previous years yet the online sales were higher than before...their best year!
There was some nifty stuff on sale including a really great jarring machine. Abelo, as usual, shone.
If you had the money you could have spent a fortune.
Good lecture....appparently from Giles Budge on CBPV
You can't beat the Beekeeping Show in Telford for kit but the Welsh is nice for catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones.
Food looked OK at lunchtime but I was still stuffed with my breakfast bacon roll.
It's on my bday list... which coincides with the main flow.... how uncanny!!
First time I actually made the show and enjoyed catching up with a few people and looking at what was on offer!
Good to put a face to the name too :)
Not sure it's maisemore they weren't at Telford
but they were at the WBKA convention at Llanelwedd, Jeff and I spoke at length with Jonathan about the machine and I took the photograph to put on here with Jon's permission.
I know my brain is not in that good a state at the moment but I didn't imagine I was on the Maisemore's stand.
I think you would need the £517.00 model for bottling jars of the volume we use, but.......
Yes I saw that ... it's the pump that will dictate whether it's suitable for honey. The maisemore one is a dual rotary - presumably to cope with the viscosity of the honey.

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