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May 12, 2009
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Hi folks,
yes, victor meldrew and G4WIL are one and the same person :cheers2:.
Reason being my inability to login as victor meldrew :svengo:.
I tried all the options (Reset password etc, ) no luck.
So you'll have to put up with me until hitch is corrected.
Funny really , so soon after Bcrazy/ Metamorphasis saga :):).

John Wilkinson
If you forget your password or have problems logging in there is an option to send me an email.

I can then reset the password for you and email it to you to loggin with.

I will go reset it for you now.
Thanks admin,
I hadn't forgotten it ,it wasn't recognised :confused:.
Just as soon as, I'll remove all traces of G4WIL Hooray !!. Gotta beat the wags to it .

Give me a shout if you get anymore problems.

I have just tried the contact admin regards password route and all was well,maybe the server had a hiccup.
Lol some obviously dont want to be seen on both forums using the same name lol
Those of you who have been around long enough for their coffee to have gone cold ,will have realised who I was from day one .
I thought I'd found a bolt hole from petty point scoring , obviously not :puke:.
The quick witted amonst you would have noticed I sign as John sometimes John Wilkinson , no attempt to hide the real me (Waken Up At The Back There)

At least I have the courage to post a photograph :sifone::sifone:.

Yeah! I know ,takes courage with a mush like that :).
hi john its much aprecheated using your own name not that you write such envius comments as on the BBKA forum
had a few pints and hit the bottle again,
i be looking for a man like you to take over me PR work good pay as well
all the best mike
Hi Mike,
vino is my weakness :cheers2:..
PR?.Lack of tact has been a life long cross I've had to bear :svengo:.

John Wilkinson

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