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Dec 7, 2008
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Newick, East Sussex
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I did my Apiguard 2 weeks ago and left them to it- Apparently been quite warm whilst I was away so should have been effective. But on my return and checking the insert tray there has been an average drop of about 15 mites - per hive and all 11 hives similar
Am I doing it right? Are the mites lessening? Are the bees coping better and removing through the season? or is the Apiguard less effective. I have only used it once before
The Oxalic Acid in Dec should answer this one- but what were your results?
I started my apiguard a week ago. The first 24 hours, about 30 mites dropped per hive, and over the remainder of the week, I suppose we got about 100. This weekend, we got about 15 in 24 hours.

Apiguard certainly seems effective for my varroa. I had zero mite drop before, and was wondering whether it was worth treating them!
Hi Heather

I compared hives with a friend over the weekend, and one of his hives (after 2 weeks) the tray was completely covered (we lost count), but that hive was the strongest, queen laying right to the out frames.

Other hives where about 20

My hives are running also about 50 mites per 2 weeks i.e first tray addition, I have just added the second tray for the final 2 weeks.

In answer to you questions

1 I am sure you are. Open tray and place on top of main centre of brood area, minimal eke used, and floors and entrances reduced/sealed.

2 I would be nice to think that if all beekeepers treated the mites can be eradicated?

3 Possibly the bees are copping better.

4 It maybe is, but this it the first year I have used it, I used bavarol and the other strips in the past at this time of year.

Other thought is have the dead mites been taken away whilst you have been away, suggestion is Ants eat them?

We will have to compare winter oxalic acid notes.