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Drone Bee
Nov 9, 2008
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Hi All
Been at home today, signed off with a Viral Infection, how festive !!!!

However, just taken a call from a very nice lady, who bought a house locally, they have been having thei roof done and the workmen have notice Bees coming and going from the chimney.

I asked all the usual questions, she is adamant they are Honey Bees, she said she has visited shows and seen them, so i decided to believe her, the fireplace is currently boarded up so they have no idea how far up they are, she has found the odd one or two dead ones on the floor.

Now, its great that she wishes to try and save them rather than destroy, but i was hoping for something a little less taxing !!!!!, i certainly wont climb a roof.

Does anyone have any suggestions ? should i go take a look, remove the board and see how far up they are, if they are near the top could i dislodge with a long extendable pole ?

Or in this instance is it a job for a Professional Control Officer ?

Help !!!

What area are we talking about.

Regards Ian
Not much you can do with bee's established in a chimney in the middle of winter,not easy in the summer either. If they have just swarmed into chimney in summer then you can get them out.
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There are times in life to look the other way.

an established colony in winter in a chimney.

How to deal with it? You cannot. It is pretty much impossible and in the moving of them if you did get to them you will almost certainly kill them with kindness.

I would advise the house holder to ignore them and that they will very likely fail to survive the winter.

I advise you to ignore the situation. I would.


I think cedar and spirtle hit the nail on the head. Try and convince them to leave well alone and get a bait hive up in Spring.

If they have scaffold already up for the builder though you could just pass by:)

Regfards Ian
Thanks All
i gave them a couple of numbers of beeks who have dealt with this kind of thing before.

I think when bees move in to peoples homes i am inclined to keep my distance.
Just been to an association meeting where this question came up. What you do is block the chimney at the bottom ie. fireplace and then drop a rag down the chimney doused in diesel. Get it past the bees and the fumes will drive them up the chimney fast..... so get out of the way quickly. Personally, I would leave well alone as already advised.