Two weeks in and they want to leave!!

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Jan 8, 2009
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Hi There

I got my first nucleus of bees two weeks ago and am really pleased with them. They came on five frames and have already built up 3 frames of foundation from scratch, leaving two empty frames in the brood box. I have not added a super! The queen is present and laying with a very good brood pattern. So I was really suprised to find 4 supersedure queen cells present on my second inspection. They were all primed with royal jelly and three had larva in. I destoyed them but not sure what to do if they have rebuilt them when i check next week. Can you perform a fake swarm with a second hive on a nucleus? Have only had her two weeks but am quite attatched to my queen already as the bees she is producing are really calm and well behaved, so much so that I have not needed to use a smoker. Any advice really welcome

Thanks Russ
This depends on if they are supercedure cells or swarm cells. I doubt that they would have been swarm cells as it is a nuc. If they are supercedure cells then the bees are trying to tell you that the queen is not up to scratch and they are not happy with her for some reason.

Why do you use the word supercedure?

I would not rule out swarm cells even if it is a nuc. Make use of this to double up your hive.

But how about a quick word with the seller, they might be able to throw some light on it?
Difficult to say what they are going to do.
It is not normal that a small colony draw so many foundations and try to swarm.

Cut a wing tip from the queen and follow what they are going to do.

When the queen cells are so old that bees have sraped the tip thinner, put cells in cage or make one frame nuc. So you will se, do they try to swarm.

If they try, they are mad bees.
Thanks for replies, I think they are supercedure as they appeared in a row about two inches from the top of the frame. Is this the right logic? The nuc was from a very reliable source and definitly not a swarm.
Swarm cells are "usually" found on the bottoms and supercedure as you have found. Was the queen that came with the nuc an old queen was she marked?
The queen was last years and is marked with a red spot but think this is a personal preference rather than recognised year colour coding