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Nov 8, 2008
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Finland, Helsinki
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1990 I tried first time carniolan bees. I noticed that they really had fast spring build up compared to italians. I also fount that Italians' spring build up is as fast as Carniolans if I fed pollen in spring to hives.

Something 5 years ago I lost 60% of my hives during winter and I took "all my knowledge into practice". I knew 40 years that with electrict heating I can accelerate spring build up. Now I was forced to take it into use.

Almost same time I learned how to replace expencive pollen (12?/kg) to cheaper soya and yeast ( 2?/kg).

With heating and patty feeding I can speed up spring build up even 3 times faster than with natural bees get pollen from nature.

With early feeding I am able to make June to yield period, so I have 2 yield month here. In natural system I have only one yield month.


Small colonies under one box do not mind much turbo handling. They are just slow. When I give them emerging brood frames, they jump very quickly to normal good progress level.

Help big hives, don't pay much attention to small hives, is a profound finding in my system.

I have told here acceleration systems and feeding.

To understand basic of feeding bees is quite good for beekeeper. Sugar feeding keeps bees alive but not accelerate brood rearing.

The most important in feeding is that bees do not merely eate it, but they like it. Big hive consumes patty 500 - 800 g per week even if it get pollen from willows every day. I feed them during 2 months. Bees store natural pollen into the hive but every year they have consumed it during rainy and cold days.
If you get too much pollen frames, you may store them for next spring.


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Hivemaker do you use Patties?

Can you use OSR for a fast build up instead?
Hivemaker do you use Patties?

Can you use OSR for a fast build up instead?

In Finland OSR = winter rape? blooms at same time as dandelion at the begnning of June.
My aim is to catch dandelion yield and it needs feeding start 2 months earlier.

It is not only fast build up but bees must be over one month old that they are abundant to forage.

I have noticed too that I cannot get one store wintered hives into foraging condition in two months. One store wintered hives take at least 2,5 months to be ready to forage.

To get finally yield depends on how good are wethers then when flowers are in full bloom.
When I start 2 months earlier, it is impossible to know what will happen. Weathers are unsettled at the beginning of summer.

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