Total Newbie in Northern Ireland!

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We got ours from someone my father in law knows in strabane, but we have got queens from jonathan Getty in belfast. There is a list of people who supply on the website, 3 or 4 in County Antrim and down. Dromore association might sell them too or some of the members there will.
That's great information, thanks so much. Happy Beekeeping! :)
We are in ni too, near Templepatrick. It’s best here to get the native black bee as they are much better in the rainy conditions (more frugal etc) the NIHBS will have lots of info online.
I went to Templepatrrick church and lived in Mallusk until 1974 (when I finished my degree at Queens) near the pub and next to the cement works (is it still there). House now demolished and a little development on it.
Welcome .
you are using the correct approach .
this way should lead to a appy association with honeybees.
I was stationed on Loch Foyle in the 50s .BallyKelly

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